SSB Tips

10 Daily Tasks To Improve Officers Like Qualities In You

1. Inculcate the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ approach in life: First it’ll be a conscious effort but slowly it becomes second nature. Don’t be flustered. Don’t show emotions. Don’t be overly friendly. Always be strong – physically and mentally.

2.Intelligence Quotient: Try to solve every problem yourself without waiting for anyone. By doing so, you can have such practical intelligence that you can find the solution for everything.

3. Command Respect: This requires you to be one step ahead always. Better prepared than your peers/men in everything you do – sport/ work etc. Competence and persona play a big role in commanding respect.

4. Be Spontaneous: The best way to develop this is to inculcate ‘At the moment’ thinking. Don’t makeup responses earlier itself. Be spontaneous, think and act accordingly. Good common sense is absolutely necessary here.

5. Maintain an Attitude: Be graceful and practice your etiquettes. Even at home. Because discipline is doing things when no one is looking, know how to carry yourself, know how to treat people like an officer – neither overly friendly nor rude and dress well maintaining some grooming standards. Don’t be lazy, ever.

6. Increase Stamina: Hit the gym. The intention should not be to develop the body or impress others. But focus on pushing yourself and going that extra mile. This will increase your confidence and stamina tremendously.

7. Be an active participant: Be an active participant in whatever activities that take place around you. Be Proactive and Positive. Take part in everything that comes by you in college/workplace etc. Be it technical or extra-curricular or sports or personality development related, participate in all. Try to volunteer yourself for stage decorations etc. In home too, try to have an organized lifestyle.

8. Liveliness: Certain people are just fun to be around, they bring a smile to your face whenever you meet them, the quality they possess is called liveliness. One should know the art of enjoying life while dealing with its harsh realities. Try to avoid cribbing, griping, worrying and complaining about things which are not under your control. Focus on your work and enjoy every moment of life. Always keep smiling and one day the world would become tired of upsetting you.

9. The power of Expression: Try to improve your speaking skills that too in an organized manner prioritizing the matter. Regular practice is essential to have a good pronunciation and speaking skills. Speak with men who have good speaking skills.

10. Social Adaptability: Try to meet and speak with people. Try to shed your shyness. Try to make friendships with the unknown. Always try to initiate talk with someone. Be ready to sacrifice your personal comforts for the interest of the group.